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A comprehensive way to achieve your wellness goals.

Let me show you how biofeedback can help you:

About EPR Stress Biofeedback

EPR Stress Biofeedback is a method of measuring common physiological functions like skin temperature, heart rate, respiration, skin conductivity and muscle tension.  Biofeedback technicians and specialists are trained to use these signals to improve the wellness and wellbeing of their clients, and to support their lifestyle and health goals. I use state of the art non-invasive methods to provide an effective biofeedback regimen.

Biofeedback can help with stress related issues such as body stress due to poor nutrition, lack of energy, insomnia, stress-related gastrointestinal issues, hypertension, headaches, chronic pain, and emotional stress.


Biofeedback is a painless process. No electricity is conducted into the body. Biofeedback’s goal is to reduce stress responses that are compromising your body’s healing systems. Consequently, most people report the sessions to be very relaxing and enjoyable.  


Biofeedback for You

Each biofeedback session is tailored to best meet your needs and goals. I will give you a thorough explanation about how biofeedback works, and will answer any questions that you might have. We will discuss your current stress levels with brief history of your present state, before proceeding with your tailor-made session. Your first session will take approximately 90 minutes - depending upon your needs and goals. Subsequent sessions will last for an hour or so - again depending upon your specific needs.

Session costs range from $150 to $245, depending upon the length of the session. Often just from the first session results you will be more aware of your tendencies and will learn to make subtle but influential changes to your own behavior and actions. 

2531 Oakstone Dr, Suite A

Columbus, OH 43231

Tel: 614-429-7354

Available Services:
  • Stress Relief

  • Cognitive Function

  • Pain Management

  • Environmental and Nutritional Sensitivities 

  • Mind/body Wellness

  • Cosmetic Enhancement

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