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Stress Relief

The connection between stress and illness is well documented.  Unfortunately, for many of us stress is an unavoidable aspect of everyday life. People come to me with diverse range of stress induced challenges such as sleeplessness, digestive problems, anxiety, hypertension, back and neck pain, loss of focus and concentration. I work to relieve these issues and the wider consequences of stress across the lives of my clients.

Cognitive Function

Adults and young people today face a wide range of cognitive challenges. These include, but are not limited to memory loss, struggles with attention, focus and concentration, and mental tiredness. I address these cognitive issues through a number of modalities, while also focusing on the body systems that support cognitive function.

$150 - $245 depending upon session duration and services needed.
Pain Management

For athletes and sportspeople, pain from injuries are a fact of life. For the rest of us they can be an unwelcome and sometimes debilitating hindrance to our daily lives. The modalities that I use with my clients are powerful enough to have been used by professional athletes, but gentle enough for people seeking a pain free regimen and a return to a comfortable life.


Environmental and Nutritional Sensitivities

For a growing number of people food intolerances and allergies are a serious barrier to wellbeing and a comfortable life. I use painless energetic biofeedback methods to register the body's intolerances against environmental and nutritional elements that might effect their health and overall wellbeing. I also offer a supplement testing service to assess whether the vitamins, minerals and other supplements that my clients take are compatible with their bodies, and support their health.

Mind/body Wellness

Humans are not compartmentalized beings. The mind and the body are mutually dependent components of a beautifully complex system of interdependencies. Moreover, we do not live in isolation, but are in constant communication with our environment and the beings with whom we share existence. It only seems logical that we consider our wellness in these terms. The methods that I use are truly holistic in that they recognize and support this vital aspect of our wellbeing. 


Cosmetic Support

There is a strong connection between how we feel and our appearance. When we feel healthy and rested, we look better. Also, for many people confidence in their appearance supports their wider wellbeing. Recognizing this need, I offer a number of pain free modalities for female and male clients that are designed to enhance and rejuvenate. 

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